Are you creating resolutions instead of goals for 2021?

Hope and faith alone will not change your situation. As James tells us, faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26). Indeed, we must show our faith “by” our works. Assuming your congregation wants to thrive and not simply survive in 2021, have you determined what works lie ahead to change your outlook? 

Valleys are opportunities in disguise 

Perhaps your congregation is in a valley, discouraged, and waiting for deliverance. However, valleys are often for our own benefit. God in his infinite wisdom uses valleys to provide his children with opportunities to reflect, learn, rest, and strengthen themselves. Blindly rushing out of the valley (with no direction or discernment) before the “lesson” is completed is harmful and does a disservice. We are called to praise in these times, seek His wisdom, and anticipate the blessings that are to come.  

However, as in all things, we must realize that God wants to work with his children. If we want to receive the blessing we envision, we must make a plan to achieve it. We should never expect Him to do “all” the work. Indeed, we must do our part in concert with God. He is responsible for the “results.” We are responsible for the “work.” So, what work are you willing to do in 2021? 

Goals convert your resolutions into action plans 

Resolutions express a commitment to “do something.” For example, “We resolve to improve our outreach to members that have been unable to attend in-person services.” Resolutions by themselves, however, lack key elements that are necessary to accomplish the very thing you want to do. Namely, they lack no action plan, no structure, and no strategy.  

Creating goals makes the seemingly “massive” undertaking appear manageable, removes indecision, and creates clear paths to success.  When success seems attainable, your congregation will be inspired and motivated because they know their efforts will be meaningful. Remember, God will multiply the work “you” do, so why not do everything in your power to work effectively? 

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