Helping with the Financial Side

Any building project represents a significant capital investment for a church, and while church leaders may be accustomed to raising the money needed for regular operations, finding the funding for a project may take additional expertise.


Eden Religious Facilities has extensive experience with helping congregations obtain the financial support they need to turn their plans into realities. That process starts long before the actual building begins, as we review the goals of the project and develop accurate budgets for every aspect to ensure you have a realistic view of what it will take to finish your project.


Our team will help you gather information and document your plans in a way that’s compelling and easy to understand, so you can make a strong case for funding your project. We’ll help you develop messages to explain the plans and the need to your congregation, including those members who are more inclined to make substantial gifts.

Through our work, we’ve developed a network of trusted sources who can assist with all aspects of funding, from creating effective building campaigns, to exploring grant opportunities, to securing short- and long-term financing. We’ll help you identify the type and sources of funding that best address your needs.

Featured Project: St Maria Goretti Catholic Church

Location: Westfield, Indiana

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