Eden Religious Facilities has partnered with Project Healthy Minds to help confront mental health stigma and break down barriers to finding support!


Project Healthy Minds is committed to ending the stigma surrounding mental health by creating technology that connects you to support systems. Navigating the arena of mental healthcare can be uncomfortable and confusing. Nobody wants to talk about it, and that makes getting help even more difficult. Project Health Minds compiles all the information you might need into one location, making it easier for you to get help in a timely, confidential, and comfortable manner. Eden Religious Facilities joins Project Healthy Minds in a call to action for reframing the mental health crisis as an economic and business imperative. We as organizations owe it to our employees to provide them with the resources they need to manage and overcome their mental health challenges. Eden Religious Facilities will not perpetuate a culture of silence, and neither should you. Support Project Healthy Minds by donating on their websites and by being a leader in your workplace. For more information about shattering the stigma around mental health, visit www.projecthealthyminds.com.‚Äč

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