What do churches look like post-pandemic?

There are many elements of an effective safety plan (e.g., fire safety, proper lighting and visibility, groundskeeping, etc.). All churches have unique needs, and we could not begin to properly cover all the concerns in a single blog post.

Certainly, with the coronavirus fresh in our minds, we should consider that by many reports, a vaccine will not be widely available for some time. As members begin to congregate once again, examine whether your protocols and expectations for social distancing, masks/no-masks, and sanitation will provide the correct balance of safety and comfort. Will choirs look the same? Is your seating arranged for maximum yet distanced seating, entry, and exit? Will you provide “safe-zones” incorporating plexiglass or other dividers? Are Sunday School and office rooms still sufficient for their intended purposes? Perhaps it is time to add or restrict floor space. Now is the time to plan and implement solutions that are adequate for your full return to worship.


Digital Outreach
Almost as quickly as lockdowns began, churches began to accelerate their digital outreach. Many churches were adequately prepared to make a seamless transition to 100% virtual services. Other churches rapidly deployed make-shift technologies to “make-do” until they could implement more-desirable solutions. Well, now is the time to make sure your digital infrastructure is capable of meeting the expectations for your internet ministries.

Do you need to add sound rooms or broadcast stations? Do you need to professionally install AV equipment such as cameras or microphones to optimize your live streams or podcasts? Does your current facility have adequate connectivity?

Perhaps your 20th-century church-house is altogether unsuitable for 21st-century services and ministries.

The headwinds of the coronavirus have forced churches to break from “complacent” worship to provide new avenues for worship. Do not do away with what provided blessings during the lockdowns once services return to “normal.” Incorporate what “worked” during the pandemic to complement your pre-pandemic worship services and make sure your facilities are a benefit and not a hindrance to that mission.


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