Our Process

How We Help

Financial Feasibility/Consulting

We understand how important your expansion plans are to your worship community and to ensure success, we begin our work together by preparing a feasibility study for your review. This process is highly collaborative - with members of each ministry and leadership involved in a detailed customized process that takes place at your location over a series of meetings. When complete, Eden Religious Facilities presents a series of options that will enable your church to make the right decisions about your project (s) and financing.  We are your partner through this entire process
and it is our goal to help you achieve your dreams.

Building the Team

A successful build requires a dedicated team working together. Perhaps no other step in the process is as crucial to success as building the right team. We personally interview and hire a civil engineer and architect for the project. We then invite these parties to submit a proposal based on expertise and experience with similar projects. Utilizing the knowledge we gain during this process, we will submit a fact-based recommendation for both the civil engineer and the architect for your review.

Defining the Project

Once the team is complete, the Engineer, Architect, Building Committee, and Eden will begin to define the project. The team will meet and develop the programming designed specifically around the needs of the church.

A Powerful Partnership

Eden manages every stage of the process, and we hold your input and concerns in the highest priority. Our management not only assures the project stays within scope and time, but it saves the church members a huge amount of time and effort.

Open Book, All the Time

As the architect draws the plans, we will be updating full project budgets at concept, 25%, 50%, and 100% completion. You will see all costs throughout the entire process.

Staying Local

Once the design portion of the project is completed, we implement a unique approach to selecting subcontractors to complete the build. Our goal is to utilize 95%-98% local subcontractors for every aspect of the job. We encourage you to participate in this process. We want to know local contractors that you recommend and those you prefer not to be contacted. We will bring our resources to the table to round out any gaps in the build.

Eden brings expertise in the fields of design, engineering, and construction to every project.

But we bring more than that- Our Promise and a commitment to your complete satisfaction!

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